Right Click Enhancer Professional

Right Click Enhancer Professional

Add your own shortcuts to the contextual menu of the Windows Explorer app
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Right Click Enhancer Professional is a Windows utility that helps you boost up your productivity. With its help, you can easily get access to the applications and documents you use frequently, complete common file management tasks, compare files, and so much more.

The program lets you customize the contextual menu of the Windows Explorer application. It provides you with 9 tools for adding new items to the contextual menu, each with easy-to-configure settings and a built-in help manual.

In my testing, I used the application to add a shortcut for a program I use frequently (a third-party web browser) and to batch rename files from a selected directory. The utility immediately completed the given tasks, without slowing down the performance of my system.

Another great aspect about this utility is the fact that it lets you edit or remove default items from the contextual menu of the Windows Explorer app. The Right Click Editor tool will provide you with a list containing all of the default items and you can easily modify them according to your needs.

You can also use this application to alter file associations, check if your documents are corrupted, add, copy, and paste operations to your contextual menu, etc.

To be honest, I can't find a single bad aspect regarding this Windows application. It does exactly what's being stated on the homepage of the developer, without slowing down other running programs or encountering any errors. So, you should definitely give it a try if you want to improve your productivity.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Localized in multiple languages
  • Each of the built-in tools comes with a help manual
  • Provides you with multiple helpful tools
  • Immediately applies the contextual menu changes


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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